How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

Try to look for ways to market a company online and you’ll find ‘experts’ from a hundred different websites suggesting millions of marketing ideas – everything from content creation to the use of cookies on your website.

However, getting digital marketing right requires a strategy. Creating a long-term strategy will help you cement your brand, focus your attention on the most targeted market, and measure results with precision.

So, whether you’re a food startup building your own brand or a blockchain PR company trying to help your customers, here’s how you can create the best digital marketing strategy:


Build an ideal client

The first place to start is to figure out your target market. Build a persona for your ideal client and figure out the key details of their life. Start with demographic information such as location or income before moving onto psychographic elements like their hobbies and personal priorities. Clearly defining who you’re selling to will set the tone for the rest of your digital strategy.


Set specific goals

You can’t control what you can’t measure. Start with measurable and tangible goals that you can keep coming back to. Hard numbers like new followers, sales and retention ratio are now easier than ever to monitor in real-time. Take advantage of all the digital tools at your disposal and set ambitious but pragmatic goals.


Discover or create a platform

Every business needs a platform. Traditional companies like Coca Cola built their brand by relentlessly advertising on TV, but modern companies must adopt a social platform to create awareness. Elon Musk, for example, powers Tesla’s brand recognition through Twitter, while Kylie Jenner built a billion-dollar business on Instagram. For most companies, media attention comes in three forms – owned (blog), earned (news coverage or word of mouth), or paid. Identify which media platform suits your business and build on top of it.


Bring it all together

Bringing all these elements together will help you launch a thorough digital marketing campaign. You can start creating a content plan for your social platforms based on the client persona you’ve targeted, pay for ads on relevant platforms, and track all the metrics you’ve set as your goals. A long-term plan with frequent course corrections, A/B testing, and quality control should help you scale up easily.


Audit frequently

Tools like SEMrush or Google’s Benchmarking Reports can help you discover gaps in your strategy and elements of outperformance. If you’re willing to invest in SEO and digital marketing software you can monitor all your efforts with granular detail. You don’t need to be an expert to understand what these audit reports are telling you about your digital strategy. Audits should inform you and help you evolve your strategy for better results.


Digital marketing isn’t complicated, but it is tedious and time-consuming. Without a clear strategy it’s easy to waste time and resources. Take the time to create a roadmap based on experience and tangible statistics for digital marketing success.