How to Expand the Services of Your Dental Office

Expanding the services of your dental office is an effective way to gain new clients, retain regulars, and achieve financial goals.

Here are some of the most popular dental services that patients seek out, which could be smoothly implemented in your office.

Same-day crowns

Onlays, caps, and crowns are traditionally made in a dental lab. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth and space that requires a crown or cap. This impression is then sent to a lab to create that actual replacement tooth.

The waiting period for a patient is typically 2 weeks. During which the patient must wear a temporary tooth, which also must be fitted to the patient’s mouth. The patient then returns after 2 weeks for the final fitting. But in the meantime, he or she has spent considerable time in the dental chair.

Same-day crowns are a faster approach. They require CEREC technology which involves a 3D scanner that takes a digital mold of your tooth. This digital impression is immediately sent to the in-office milling machine that uses lasers to shape porcelain into your new tooth.

According to Total Dentistry of Cincinnati, a dental office in Cincinnati, OH, “One appointment.  No gooey impressions.  No temporary to wear” are the reasons this service is quickly growing in popularity.

Offering this service to your patients is an effective way to keep regular patients loyal and new clients through your doors.


Teeth whitening

According to a study conducted by the ADA, 28 percent of young adults felt that the state of their teeth affected their ability to secure a good job. Yet another 25 percent avoid smiling due to the condition of their teeth.

Americans are concerned with having a well-groomed smile. And dental offices across the US are responding by offering in-office whitening treatments.

The marketplace is responding by providing at-home whitening kits and other whitening products. However, such over the counter bleaching methods are less effective than the whitening provided at a dental office. This is due to the difference in whitening methods being used.

Dental offices use LED light combined with teeth whitening agents to speed up the whitening of teeth. The whitening solution is first applied onto the surface of the teeth before the light is directed on the teeth.

May patients may first visit your office due to a dental emergency. But, if their experience with you has been straightforward and stress-free, they may choose you for other treatments as well.

Spa services offered on-site

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they hear the words “dental office,” and often negative associations are given. It is not unusual for patients to dread a visit to the dentist or to put it off regular cleanings and only visit when there is an emergency. estimates about 30 to 40 million Americans who avoid seeing the dentist due to dental phobias.

On the other hand, there’s hardly a person who does not enjoy a trip to the spa.

Combining certain spa services along with your dental ones can help create a new impression for those with anxieties or phobias.Spa services that are easy to incorporate include the following:

  • massages
  • aromatherapy throughout the office,using diffusers
  • healthy shakes or other complimentary drinks
  • movies, music, and other entertainment provided while waiting for their dental session to begin
  • a focus on an upscale interior, similar to a hotel setting

Some dental offices are even sharing space with skin specialists who offer Botox or microdermabrasion procedures. Thus providing individuals with a one-stop place for their beautifying needs.

Massage therapists employed by dental offices are often trained in head and neck massages. For example, targeting areas that are often affected by dental issues, such as TMJ problems. 

Other spa services may include pet-sitting or babysitting. Valet parking could also be on offer, along with other small niceties a receptionist can perform to help increase comfort and reduce stress during their visit. FC Valet offers retail valet services for those looking to really help out their customers in providing them the best service. 

Other spa services may include pet-sitting or babysitting. Valet parking could also be on offer, along with other small niceties areceptionist can perform to help increase comfort and reduce stress during their visit.

The importance of creating a relaxing atmosphere goes beyond getting clients through your doors.The American Dental Association confirms that stress reduction techniques are vital during dental visits. When patients are more relaxed in the dental chair, they are then less prone to jerk or squirm while getting their teeth worked on.


With a focus on increasing what your dental office has to offer, you could see an upward swing in your patient retention rates and in the financial stability of your office in the long-term.