The Easiest Ways To Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

In the current climate it is becoming more important for businesses to make the effort to become more environmentally friendly. Not only is it better for our world, but it can also help the company itself by cutting costs and labour down.

Customers are also becoming more aware of which businesses are looking after the environment more. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of time, so here are some easy steps to take to become greener.


Energy Saving Lightbulbs

This is an obvious one that can be done at home as well as in the office. LED bulbs use far less energy, and contain much less toxic chemicals than fluorescent lights.

They are more expensive but last much longer so are more cost-effective in the long run.


Turning Off Equipment

Turning computers and lights off at the end of the working day, and when they aren’t used, can dramatically cut back on your energy usage.

You’ll be grateful when the bills come through and the environment will thank you as well. Even consider disposing of equipment you don’t use any more, or giving to charity.


Cut Down On Paper

Encourage emails rather than faxes, and cut back on printing. Save files onto computer systems rather than printing and filing.

Systems like e file 1099 software ETC allow you to work your finances and payments online rather than with hard copies. Order paper made of recycled materials for when you do have to print.



Stop and check the quality of your office furniture before throwing it out.

Sofa’s can be cleaned and recovered rather than disposing, saving you money and helping the environment.



Recycling bins are essential in all green offices nowadays. Paper, cans and plastic can all be recycled and reused.

Set recycling goals to encourage employees to join in and inspire teamwork.


Plant Trees

The world is becoming a lot less green, with cities taking over our landscapes. This lack of open spaces and plants have a huge impact on the environment and nature.

Planting trees in any outdoor space may not stop this change, but every little helps! If you’re really short on space, simply installing window boxes and hanging baskets can give insects and pollen feeders a place to rest and eat.


Water Dispensers

Dripping taps are a huge source of water wastage. Install water dispensers for employees to use, avoiding the need for taps. This will also cut down on plastic bottles and beakers as they will have constant to cool, clean water.

Keeping well hydrated will also improve the workforces concentration and efficiency levels.


Host A Fundraising Day For A Charity

Host a fun day or organised a sponsored activity. This can work well as a good team-building practice as well as raising funds for a good cause.

A family fun day encourages employees to interact outside of the office, creating stronger relationships and a more efficient working environment.

Donate all proceeds to an environmentally friendly charity such as Greenpeace or Ecotrust.


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