How To Effectively Market Your Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant can be an incredibly taxing task. However, it needn’t be all that difficult if you market your establishment properly. Restaurants’ livelihoods depend on their reviews and their reputation. It is marketing that helps to make both remain positive.

It is, therefore, after the food, the singlehandedly most important aspect of any restaurant business. Check out our tips for more effective restaurant business marketing below.


Advertise Its Perks

Start by making your restaurant’s key features known to potential diners. Word of mouth is generally how most restaurants get people through the door to begin with. So be sure to tell diners to spread the word about your gorgeous orangery that is available to hire for private parties. Or, that spellbinding sea view that is accessible via your veranda. Little touches like this will go a long way when it comes to getting people through the door.

Likewise, if you have an online food ordering system, then tell people about it! Make it easy for them to spend their money and for them to get your delicious food in their hands. This can be done by highlighting all of your restaurant’s benefits on flyers or leaflets. Dish these out around your local town centre and you’ll soon have drummed up a ton of business! Incentives are always a good way in too. So, consider a discount code or something as a small gesture to new customers trying your establishment for the first time.


Social Media

Secondly, as your restaurant begins to grow and expand, be sure to nail your social media output. Digital marketing is a huge player in any business sector these days. However, it definitely has its place to play within the restaurant world now, too. If people are writing nice things about your dining experience on Twitter, then be sure to retweet these thoughts. This is to share more about your incredible experience on the internet.

If you offer a particular dish one a certain night each week, then why not get a hashtag going across your social media platforms? #TapasTuesday has quite a ring to it! If you use social media to its fullest potential, then you’ll be sure to have punters queuing up outside the front door. Give it a go! The best bit is, is that it’s free – so, what have you got to lose?

Gain Accreditation

Finally, be sure to gain accreditation for your restaurant. We touched on it slightly before with Twitter. Whether it’s as simple as TripAdvisor or a Michelin Star, go the extra mile to get that stamp of quality that all good businesses need to be successful. Recommendations and accreditations will go a long way, particularly in the hospitality industry.

Hopefully, these few tips will help get your restaurant marketed in a much better and more professional way. Everything mentioned here is fairly straightforward, cost-effective and cheap, so there are no excuses! Get your teeth stuck into restaurant marketing right now, and your business will certainly thank you in a month’s time!


Featured image: ‘Pixabay Credit’