How to Register an Online Casino

The process of enrolling in a gambling industry demands much more effort than just developing an attractive website and launch a marketing campaign. The registration process consists of several important steps, that may take up to a half of a year. There are some ways of how to make the whole procedure simpler, so let’s look through each staging point and make it clear how to do everything smoothly and correctly.

Each step may involve the assistance of professionals in experts in the areas of web design, marketing, law. If you are not experienced in leading a business in the industry of online gaming, it makes sense to put forward a part of your budget for using the services of professional consultants.


Purchasing a domain

To start with, you have to consider the address of your website; for this, you will have to choose the domain name with a reliable provider and rent for your online casino. Your further actions with the promotion of your services will be much easier if you follow the rules of choosing the right domain name: it is important for searching engines and marketing campaigns. We will not focus on the art of naming here, as this worth a separate essay, but it is important to mention that the name of your website is as almost as much important as the quality of casino games, software, and website design.

The domain has to allow you to create a convenient email address that your clients and partners will use for communication with you, so don’t miss this step, too.


Providing security of the winnings and deposits

Each website that can accept real money from the customers and deals with deposits and withdrawals has to be implemented with the active modern methods of protecting personal data and money transfers. This will be also necessary for going through the next step: obtaining approval from the authorities.

The registration process of the users is also to be protected: you have to add a security question, and convenient methods of verifying the identity of a player: they have to be sure that their passport and id card details are not going to appear in the sight of any third party.


Responsible Gambling Rules

Most jurisdictions insist on having the Responsible Gambling guidelines published on the website and giving the customers links to the Gambling Problem Help Centers, organized by the gaming community all around the world.

The Responsible Gambling code includes a range of tips for the players as well as rules for online casinos in terms of customer care, fair gaming, processing in accordance with all terms and conditions, etc.


Getting an online gambling license

The most important thing for an entrepreneur in the online gambling industry who wants to act legally in compliance with all the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction has to be officially registered with special organs. This is not only important for the gambling business in terms of avoiding any prosecutions, fines, and confiscation of proceeds, but will also play an important role in terms of attracting new customers — especially those who can bring you significant profit. High rollers do not tend to trust much to the newly-opened platforms, but if the company is licensed in accordance with all conditions, it will definitely give it more boost and get it higher in the rating among the top-rated online casinos.


How to apply

Different i-gambling commissions have various requirements for the websites. Some of them, like the Curacao E-Gaming Committee, do not require a presence of an applicant in the office, so you can send all documents online. However, the others invite the applicants to one or even more auditions before they approve the casino website. The most common requirements include the following:

Business plan

You have to describe in detail how you are going to promote and support the work of your future casino; what software providers you want to cooperate with, describe your desired audience and marketing strategies. This will show the seriousness of your commitments and will prove that your company will be profitable for the country where you are going to lead your business.

Registered office

Many jurisdictions, like the Isle of Man, or Malta, require the entrepreneurs to have a physical office in the country they want to perform online — even if they are not going to open a brick-and-mortar casino and all the business will be focused on the online area. There are companies that can provide you with an office, local phone number, and documentation proving that the office is used for the right purpose, but you have to be aware of the risks that you take when you pick such an option. There is always a chance that the office will be checked and the authorities will find out that this is not actually the headquarters of your company. Renting an office with all required documentation will be much safer but the might of course cost more.

Resume of the applicants and the employees

Don’t forget to prepare statements about yourself and the managing directors of your company. Some of the licensing commissions require having two managers who are physically located in the place of registration, so you will most likely need to hire employees who will become managers of your business. The other staff, including technical maintenance, customer support, etc, are also to be included in the statement — the commission will need their ID copies, police clearance, probably some facts from their biography, and evidence of their experience in the online gambling industry.

Financial statements

Any authority is interested in registering online casinos that are going to be useful for the local economics. This means that your paying capacity will be checked thoroughly. You might need reference letters from your bank, evidence of your income and expenses.


How can I make it easier?

There is an option of opening a white label casino. It still has to be registered by the licensing committee, but it will be a sublicense — you are going to work under a franchise, which will limit your possibilities, but also will restrict your responsibility zone. Your casino will be able to work with the software and games that are presented in the platform that gives you a sublicense and you will have to follow their terms and conditions.

If you want to work as a fully self-regulated company, it is better to apply to lawyers who deal with online casino registration: for an additional fee, that may vary from 3 000 to 10 000 USD, they will prepare the whole documentation package and will help you with a range of consulting sessions about your business and all tricky things that you might have not paid attention for.


License fees

In most cases, you have to provide the committee with two payments: the first one is the application fee, that you pay with no possibility of a refund. It is a fee to the committee for considering your online casino license approval. If it is approved, you will have to send another fee: the annual cost of the license, which varies from 50 000 to 100 000 USD and more depending on the country and local laws. Be prepared to spend more on the required security deposit that will prove you are going to follow all the terms of the agreement between you and the licensing organ.


Payment systems

As soon as your license is ready, you can embed different payment systems; check which are the most popular payment methods in the chosen country and make sure that as many players as possible are provided with convenient ways of making deposits and withdrawals at your website. The customer has to get instant access to payments and have the ability to make it as fast and easy, without spending much time on supplying your business with funds.

After your casino is registered, you can now take to the final preparations. You will need to sign contracts with the casino software operators, who will power your website with casino games; if you want to add a betting platform to your services, you will have to rent another software type. Testing all kinds of software might also take some time, so keep it in mind before you allow users to create their casino account on your website and deposit their money. Think of the first deposit bonuses, free spins, and other perks that you can afford to give to people who sign up to your website. Finally, make sure the whole system is working fine and don’t forget to take it under regular inspection.