4 Ways to Increase Average Shopping Cart Order

Online sales are a huge part of any business, and if your shopping cart keeps coming up empty or has very little sales, you need to boost your volume.

Here are 4 ways to increase the average order value of your shopping cart so you can enjoy great online sales every day.


Increase Sales By Being Clear

Your customers will bail out of an online sale if the shopping cart doesn’t give them a grand total, taxes, shipping costs and all.

Make sure your shopping cart tells customers what their total is as they shop, so they can add items with ease.

Surprise shipping rates are a big issue for shopping cart abandonment.


Have An Upsell

Add-on options make for great sales and happy customers!

An upsell, add-on or suggested purchase option based on what your customers have already placed in the cart helps boost your sales.

Nobody wants to have to click around looking for something else to buy, and a quick button offering selections they don’t have to search for is a great way to increase those impulse buys and really fill that shopping cart up impressively.

“Other customers bought this” is programmable in most shopping cart services.



Customer Loyalty “Cards”

Create a loyalty or membership program to increase sales. It works offline and it will work online too.

Have a banner placed under the shopping cart that rewards customers who spend a certain amount or more.

You can offer a discount for orders that reach a set amount of your choosing to entice a customer to add just one more item.

Customers love a bargain, and if they can fill that shopping cart to get one, you can bet they will.


Testimonials In The Shopping Cart

Include feedback to boost sales. Notice how big companies have ratings from customers right under the product ‘add to cart’ button.

If products have a star rating as customers view them, they are more likely to buy them if the ratings are good or great.

This can create a wonderful incentive for you to promote your highest-selling or best-rated items and help your customers fill their shopping cart.

In utilizing quick tools designed to help you increase sales online, you can have better sales than ever rather than single purchases at a time.

Customers just need a little encouragement to place more items in their shopping cart, which means greater sales for you.



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Infographic created by GWC Packaging