Karatgold Coin (KBC): In our ICO we have announced to cover the Karatgold Coin (KBC) with 4% gold

Since bitcoin took the investing world by storm, many new cryptocurrencies have burst onto crypto exchanges. Hundreds of new initial coin offerings (ICOs) tout the wonderful ideas on which they are based. Karatgold Coin is one of the few based on more than an idea. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Karatgold Coin’s designers built it on technology already prepared for Karatgold Coin’s use as an alternative form of exchange, i.e., it can be used as money.

Karatgold is also the first crypto coin to be backed by gold. Karatbars CEO and founder Harald Seiz has announced that gold equivalent to 4% of the coin’s value has been transferred to a high-security camp and certified by an international law firm. Owners of Karatgold Coin now know their coin’s value will always remain strong. Most ICOs are a big risk. Even established tokens like bitcoin and Ethereum have no physical asset like gold to back them. As exciting and profitable as bitcoin may be, its value remains whatever the market decides, be it a rise to $20,000 or a fall to $1,000. Karatgold Coin provides the innovation needed to make the value of cryptocurrency stable.

Many investors are attracted to cryptocurrency because it provides an alternative to fiat currencies. All of the money issued by governments has become fiat currency. It is called fiat currency because it has no backing from physical assets. Physical assets, such as precious metals or diamonds, have intrinsic value. This value derives from their rarity. Gold and diamonds are not easy to acquire. Producing them requires mining, a time consuming and expensive process. As a result, they are always scarce.

Scarcity creates value. When a thing is hard to come by, the scales of supply and demand tip in the favor of the owner, and vice versa. That’s why gold is worth over $1,000 per ounce and a pebble has no value at all. Gold always holds its value. For this reason, Karatgold serves as the natural alternative to fiat currencies. Where fiat currencies are debased as governments print
more and more of them to fund their bloated budgets and pay their massive debts, Karatgold Coin is backed by gold. Its value remains assured.


Why is this important?

Because when an economic crisis occurs, such as the world economic crash of 2008, gold becomes more valuable. Risky assets like stocks fall and the values of many currencies are crippled. Those who hold gold have a secured value they can count on.

Established in 2011, Karatbars International provides a cost-effective method for individual investors to acquire the world’s safest asset, gold. The company sells gold in small denominations because smaller denominations are easier for its customers to exchange.

Finance entrepreneur Harald Seiz founded the company to fulfill one mission: secure people’s future through capital formation. Mr. Seiz resides in Stuttgart and runs Karatgold International from there. He also speaks at national and international financial industry events and is the author of The Future of Money.


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