Essential Tips for Managing Your Design Department

Design departments are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all types. With a heightened public interest in aesthetics, business owners are more attuned than ever to its importance. But many business owners aren’t taking their design team to the next level by really exploring their potential.

Employees are much like plants. They needed to be tended to in order to fully bloom. (Technically, I guess this makes them like most human beings. I just wanted to use some floral language, okay?) If you don’t give them the right equipment and opportunities, then you’re stifling them. And when you stifle your design team, you risk stifling the entire company.

Design teams often find themselves without everything they need. Especially when their employer doesn’t have much background in design!

Here are some tips for making sure your design team reach their full potential!


Make sure their computers are up to scratch

This cannot be stressed enough! Your design team are going to be working with a lot of software that is heavy on a computer’s processor.

Art and graphics software needs to save a lot of generated data on a frequent basis, and if the computer isn’t adequate then you risk crashing. (And with that crashing comes lost work and flipped desks.)

One of the most common complaints in most workplaces is that the computers aren’t exactly top notch. (That goes for pretty much any department!) But you cannot allow your design team to be working with computers that aren’t high-spec. See for more details!


They should have access to a wide range of hardware

In the world of design, a wide variety of hardware is going to find itself useful. One of the more obvious examples is the graphics tablet.

Being able to do freehand drawing on their computer is a must for a graphic designer. Have you ever tried to complete complex drawings using a mouse? Don’t put your design department through that nightmare!



It’s also recommended that you don’t restrict your designers to just one monitor. A designer should have at least two monitors for their computer, due to the image sizes and number of windows they need to have open.

You should also look into scanners designed for this kind of work. Your everyday scanner probably won’t be of the quality the department requires! Look into scanners that are incredibly high-res and are designed to work with computer aided design. Visit for more information.


Give them some inspiration

Designers love to draw and hone their art skills. One thing you can consider is hosting life drawing sessions at the office.

Two of the offices I’ve worked at (which had a design department) have hosted life drawing. The results have always been fantastic.

woman painting


You could also consider offering your designers a chance to learn more about their trade. There are so many different avenues of design; one employee isn’t likely to be a master of all of them! You can offer employees online courses in things like typography or animation.

When your designers are actively engaged in drawing and learning, their creative juices will start flowing. You could very well see the benefits in your company’s output soon enough! See for courses.


Featured photo source: Flickr


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