Marketing Strategies for Startups

When you are just starting a business, it can be hard to get your ideas off the ground. Traditional marketing costs can be prohibitive to new business owners. What you need is a solid marketing plan that reaches the people your products serve the best for a reasonable price. Here are three tips on how to get attention and increase sales for your startup.


Target Audience

The first thing you want to do is define your target audience. Whom did you have in mind when you created the product? Once you figure this out, you can design all your marketing efforts with this audience in mind. For example, if you are selling a product that makes life easier for young parents, you can appeal with images of a happy, peaceful home. Knowing whom you want to reach helps you focus your campaign.



A simple way to draw in customers is to grab attention with attractive packaging. This works even if you don’t have a storefront yet. Customized containers are subtle advertisements to everyone who handles them. Once you are able to establish a location, you can have branded product displays Portland OR, to match.


Social Media

You don’t have to pour a lot of money into print ads or commercials in order to reach potential customers. Social media outlets give you a platform for announcing sales, new products and upcoming events. You can distribute product samples to social media influencers whose followers fit your target demographic. Rather than purchasing an advertisement that users can easily scroll past on their feed, you can have someone who has already earned their trust vouching for your product.

There are a lot of expenses associated with starting a business. Why spend a large portion of your budget on marketing when there are smarter, cost-effective options? Think outside the box to improve your marketing strategies without breaking the bank.