Office Equipment That’ll Put A Dent In Your Finances

New office? Thought so. Now, you’re browsing the World Wide Web for tips and tricks as you plan to set it up for the first time, right? I must be a mind-reader or something! Setting up an office isn’t difficult, but managing your budget effectively in the process is often the toughest part.

It’s going to cost a lot of money to implement everything you need. Equipment is expensive, and if you’re not careful, you could end up out of pocket! Here are a few pieces of equipment you need to be extra hesitant with.



Most offices are equipped for use with some type of technology these days. You won’t walk into many business environments in which the sound of tapping on a laptop keyboard isn’t a regular occurrence.

Unfortunately, more employees mean a need to spend more money on these expensive devices. You need to make a choice of whether portability or stand-alone devices are more suitable, and then find the best deals around. As you’re buying in bulk, you’ll be able to save money if you shop around.



Potentially, the most expensive item on this list is a server. Your computer systems will all link back to the same place, and installing a server means you can manage them all effectively. These are big, bulky things, and they aren’t to be messed with by non-technical people.

That means that you’ll probably have to enlist the help of an IT support company, too. You can’t really get away from this one; it’s an expensive purchase no matter how you approach it. You need to determine whether it’s worth it at this stage.



Although the cost of home printers seem to be reducing all the time, the same can’t be said for business-use printers. These are massive machines, and they’re designed to handle many features and continuous operations.

If you’re not prepared to spend a lot, you’re going to have to look at companies like Grangewell Management Ltd that offer rental options. Renting a printing system is something that has become a very popular choice for many businesses in recent years.



You’ve got no choice with this one. Your office needs to be fitted out with chairs, desks, storage spaces and much more. That’s the very nature of what an office is for!

The only way to save money on this is to buy in bulk and search for the very best deals out there. Don’t skimp on quality, as you don’t want to be putting your employees at risk of repetitive strain injuries or something similar.


Phone System

Many employees that work in an office have a requirement to be contactable at all times. Because of this, you’ll need to install an in-house phone system. Your local phone company will be more than happy to do this for you, but it’ll often come at an extortionate price.

Once again, shop around before you make your decision. Don’t rush to install as many phones as possible unless they come as part of the deal. Consider the option of buying refurbished phones. Think carefully about exactly what you need so you aren’t spending over the odds.


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