Promoting A Healthy Workforce: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a happy and healthy workforce. It is important for employees and their families. And it is also benefits employers as employees are likely to be more motivated and productive.

Employee health is a concern for everyone. Employees need to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. However, there are several ways employers can help.


Providing A Safe Workspace

All workplaces, whether a two-person office or a large construction site, should be safe. This means adhering to healthy and safety rules and regulations.

It also means educating staff in this area to ensure protocols are followed. It’s not just about installing safety equipment. It’s about setting up policies to protect anyone who accesses your premises.


Promoting Healthy Initiatives

Many employers promote health initiatives within their organizations. For example, they use drug test kits to carry out employee drug testing.

This is essential in certain areas where people could be harmed as a result of an employee being intoxicated. E.g. airline pilots, drivers, etc. Some employers also report that it acts as a deterrent against this behavior.

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Implementing Safety Initiatives

Thousands of people take time off work each year due to back-related problems. This could be reduced significantly by changes in lifestyle, changes to workstations, etc.

It is important that all staff feel comfortable and are safe in their workspace. Workstation assessments should be carried out and include:

  • Suitability of offices chairs and the ability to adjust them
  • Placement of monitors
  • Positioning of screens in relation to light sources
  • Adequate lighting
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Availability of foot rests, back supports, and wrist rests, etc.

Make sure you are familiar with current rules and regulations. Implement them throughout your organization.


Training Staff

Staff should be trained in all areas of health and safety. This should not be a one-off requirement.

It should be something that is ongoing and updated regularly.


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Healthy Practices

Implement healthy practices within your company. This will vary, depending on your business and the work you do.

In an office environment, it might include taking regular breaks from computer work. In a construction business in might include using correct body positions to fulfill tasks, etc.

Make sure all employees are aware of these practices and ensure they are implemented.


Reduce Stress

Stress is a major cause of illness and absence from work. It can have a negative impact of all areas of employees’ lives. Steps should, therefore, be set up to reduce this.

  • Promote healthy working hours
  • Create an open environment where staff can raise concerns
  • Ensure regular breaks are taken by everyone
  • Make sure everyone has received adequate training for their job
  • Consider setting up an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Assist employees to organize and prioritize work

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Staff should be free to make their own health and lifestyle choices. However, there are several ways you can encourage healthy choices. You could provide healthy food options in the staff cafeteria and vending machines.

Some companies provide free fruit for their staff. Other initiatives could include gym memberships or setting up sports teams. Some organizations provide massage and meditation for their staff.


Everyone is responsible for their own health choices. However, it is in employers’ best interests to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


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