Quick Tips for Dealing with a Hairy Situation at Home

Are you someone possessed of a luxurious head of hair? Perhaps you’re going bald instead and none of the baldness treatments have worked! Whichever it is, there is one thing you may have noticed. Your home is now full of strands of your hair, and they are everywhere! To add to this nonsense, your dog seems to be shedding more than it ever has. How do you get rid of all the hairballs in your home? Well, the answer is pretty simple – constant vigilance!


Always Dust With Your Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are the saving grace of hairy people everywhere. These sheets are meant to be put in your dryer to attract all the lint and hair in the dryer to stop them from being on your clothes all the time. With dryer sheets used for dusting your home, you ensure that most of your hair will simply stick to it from your surfaces. This means that you can easily dispose of the clogged-up sheet instead of dealing with the individual hairs. An added bonus is that dryer sheets leave a gorgeous scent like freshly washed laundry, which is always a welcome smell in a home.


Dusting Must be a Daily Thing

Too many people leave the dusting till the weekend. Dusting once a week simply isn’t enough to get rid of the hair in your house. You lose way too much hair in a day to compensate for it with a single day of dusting. Dusting every day instead means you have less work to do throughout the week. Whether you’re using a normal duster, dryer sheet, or something else, you have to do it at least three times a week to be safe. This way, the quantity of hair in your home is always at a minimum.


Always Brush Your Carpets Well

Carpets are the biggest magnets for hair there are. They can attract inordinate amount of human and pet hair and not give them up without a fight either. To properly clean your home of all the hair in it, you have to brush your carpets down. Vacuuming won’t have an effect – it never has. Just mist your carpet with some water and fabric softener, then use a stiff brush to rigorously brush off the hair collecting on the carpet.


Brush Your Hair Every Day

People almost never brush their hair. We lose up to 100 hairs each day. If you can brush the 100 out in the morning, they won’t fall out onto your sofa later during the day. In fact, brushing your hair actually helps reduce hair fall too. You improve circulation in your scalp when you brush it, which brings more oxygen to your hair cells. This keeps them healthy and strong, producing stronger hairs that are less prone to breakage and falling. Your hair isn’t the only hair you should be brushing either – try to brush the hair of your dog or cat too to keep them from shedding too much hair during the day.


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