Rewarding Careers for Later in Life

If you are pondering a mid-life career change, you are certainly not alone. The average person changes jobs 12 times over his or her lifetime. Switching to a new job can be a rewarding one if it makes use of your natural passions and interests. These three careers are particularly rewarding and show that you can still make plenty of money even by starting over in your career.


Financial Planning

If you already have a background in any type of business or finance or even a higher degree in an interpersonal career, such as psychology, you are primed for a career in financial planning. This is a lucrative career that can even bring in a triple-digit annual paycheck. You should have good interpersonal skills because dealing with your clients and helping them through sticky patches will be your responsibility.


Health Care

Many people are turning to careers in health because of the excellent job security that is expected as the baby boomer generation continues to age. Plus, this is a rewarding career choice because you get a chance to help those around you. You may want to consider a career in nursing or even dental care. If animals are more up your alley, becoming a vet tech only requires a short associate’s degree.


Real Estate

While this may be the cliche career choice for middle-aged individuals, it can still be lucrative, exciting and good for independently-minded individuals. If you are interested in homes, home design or commercial real estate, simple real estate license classes can give you just what you need to pass your licensing examinations successfully. This career typically lets you set your own hours as well.

If you are tired of your job or feeling stuck in the career that you chose when you turned 18 and headed off to college, you certainly have hope. Many people change careers later in life and experience great satisfaction. Consider a career that makes use of one of your greatest passions or hobbies.


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