Running A Small Construction Site? The Do’s And The Don’ts For Safety

Working on a construction site can be quite the diverse role for anyone looking for a career in the building, laboring or architectural side of things. Construction work is something that doesn’t seem to be shy of vacancies and opportunities to work. However, running a construction site can be a completely different thing entirely. There is a side to the construction site that anyone entering must adhere to, and that is the safety aspect. From machines to personal safety there are certain things you should be doing, and things you should definitely be avoiding. So I thought I would share with you a few of the quick do’s and don’ts for safety when running a site or working in construction.


Do keep the site clean and tidy

When it comes to the construction site, it needs to be kept in an orderly and tidy manner to ensure that work can get done. Having an environment that is full of working materials and not leaving too much room to maneuver or work in is dangerous to the workers, but also could be putting the overall project and build at risk.


Do keep machinery up to date and in good working order

The machines your workers use, from diggers to cranes, all need to be kept in good working order. So it is essential that you keep them up to date, regularly serviced and in good condition. If you are wanting to look into new machines and cranes to hire or buy then checking out companies like freo group could be worthwhile. It is in the best of interest of your workers and the overall project, as older machines could break or even cause harm and delay to the project.


Do consider the general public

The general public are just as much your responsibility as the workforce. So ensuring that you have adequate fencings and blockages to avoid anyone entering the site that isn’t wearing the right safety equipment or even qualified to be there, is advised.


Don’t put your construction workers at risk

You should always make sure that you are taking into account the welfare of your workers. From providing decent working conditions to ensuring that the tools they use are right for the job. If anything were to happen to them in regards to their health or wellbeing, then it will be down to you as the person in charge of the construction site.


Do keep up with necessary training

Building regulations and techniques are changing all the time, so it is vital that your workforce are kept up to date with any necessary updates or changes to regulation. Architects are always considering new ways to build such as environmentally friendly materials and techniques. So training is essential to make sure that the workforce stays safe and the building makes regulation once completed.


Don’t overload the construction site

Finally, it can be tempting to bring in many workers to complete a job to a deadline. But you can overload a construction site, and this can put people in danger. From using machines at the wrong time to too many people being in the one place. Make sure you don’t overload the site.


Whether for a small or big build, I hope this helps anyone in the future looking to run a construction site.


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