Four Things Needed To Run A Software Company Besides Skills

Software as a solution is a hugely growing industry. Businesses are realizing they don’t just need an online presence.

They’re realizing that virtual solutions hold all kinds of answers. Ways to make their every processes and services easier to complete. Cue all the hungry coders ready to leap into the industry.

However, if you just know how to code, you’re in for a shock. Running a business, it turns out, needs more.


Strategies for your employees

The other developers working with you are more than just code monkeys to rely on. They’re people with their own trajectories. If you want to keep them with you, you need to satisfy them. You need to create a process through which they share and contribute to overall working of the company.

You need to provide them with upward mobility, too. Whether it’s cross-training them to other roles or increasing their knowledge with Python training. You need to be a leader, not first amongst the coders.


Drawing people in

You also need to think more about the services that you’re delivering to your clients. You need to think about how you get them talking to you in the first place. Even as a small company (or especially as a small company) you need to think big about your marketing.

From inbound solutions like search engine optimization and the conversion rate of your site. To outbound marketing like social media and getting yourself to trade shows and marketing events. Do whatever it takes to start drawing people in. There’s a demand for your company, you just need to make your potential clients aware of that.


Communication skills

Spending years in education and a techie environment can have some damaging effects on your ability to communicate what you do. Particularly in regards to what you deliver in terms of software. You need to work on that, or have someone who’s able to act as the voice of your company.

A common communication ground needs to be found with your clients. Most of them aren’t going to be as experienced in all things tech as you. Being unable to communicate what you’re doing for them will lower the effectiveness of the solutions you provide.



You also need to be able to communicate how your company is doing to yourself. In the day-to-day crush of things, it can be hard to find the right way to ensure things are going well. That’s why you need key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of an ‘audit’ of your efficiency.

There are a few ways to measure this. Using the wrong KPIs can have you focus on the wrong things, which is disastrous to real work effectiveness. Talk to your employees about what their role is. Gauge how satisfied they are and what you can do together to improve the situation.


If you’re starting a SAAS company, you need to think about more than lines of code. Your employees. Your marketing. How you talk to clients. Keep an eye on you own processes.

These are the keys to success.


Featured image found at Pixabay