Why Steel Is A Popular Coating In The Construction Industry

The coating systems available on the market today are able to reliably protect steel while also enhance its appearance. Even paint manufacturers continue to improve their products with regards to durability and the reduction of VOC emissions. To ensure that the coating system offers long-term performance, applicators should know the products, use the right tools and equipment to prepare surfaces correctly, and ensure quality control every step of the way.

So, why is steel coating a popular application? For starters, steel used for building structures is typically protected by the elements and also hidden from view. Today’s coating systems allow for architects to use steel as a feature of their designs as they can rely on the coating for many years to come. Here are 9 more benefits to using steel as a coating.


1. Affordability

This type of coating will offer overall lower lifetime costs. The durable finish is designed to last for many years which means less maintenance down the line, less repairs, and less replacement of parts that need re-coating or replacing.


2. Sustainability

Steel offers great sustainability in the construction industry. Steel uses a great deal of pre- and post-consumer recycled products and it can also be recycled once a structure has served its purpose. Typically, steel is coated with molten zinc that can be used over and over again with minimal wastage. Best of all, the longevity and durability of the coating means less resources have to be used to replace or repair parts later on.


3. Easy Maintenance

Looking after this type of coating is easy. Galvanized materials can react with acid, salt, chemicals, and other metals, so it is a good idea to clean them, but this only needs to be done once a year in order to increase their lifecycle. It’s easy, too. You only have to spray them down with alkaline water and then wipe dry if necessary.


4. Longevity

This kind of coating can last longer than 50 years in rural areas and can even pass the 25-year mark in coastal or heavily industrialized areas.


5. Standardization

Manufactured and pre-engineered parts are typically built to specific industry standards. When this kind of coating is used, you are assured that the entirety of the structure will conform to industry standards. This makes steel, as a coating, predictable and reliable.


6. Intense Protection

This is one of the toughest coatings in the market. Steel is less susceptible to damage during transportation and erection and it can withstand harsh assaults from the environment.


7. Uniform Protection

Once steel is galvanized, the coating offers a uniform protection. Metal elements tend to be changed at microscopic level during the process of galvanization, rendering the smaller exposed areas less susceptible to damage.


8. Makes for Easy Inspections

There are loads of low-maintenance benefits to steel, but even so, buildings have to be inspected on a regular basis for any potential issues to be caught and addressed early. These coatings are easy to inspect and that’s because if they look sound and continuous, you can rest assure that they are sound and continuous.


9. Quick and Easy Construction

Steel as a coating is ready to be erected as soon as it arrives on site and there is minimal to no need for any kind of preparation, treatment, or further coating processes.


Those are some of the reasons why steel coating is popular. If you are in the construction industry, use steel as coating. For more details, contact reliable coating solution providers near you.


Featured Image by  Harley Mac via Flickr