Successful Franchise, How Do You Create It?

A successful franchise like Roland Dickey Jr is not easy to build, and the key is to always start from the right foundation.

Here are five points to follow for opening a franchise that generates revenue.


1. Follow a system

Each franchise has a series of processes and procedures that have made it successful. You have access to a proven system and as an affiliate to the franchise program, you receive training to understand how to manage a sales process and what activities to implement to sell the best. Learn to use systems that have been developed for financial management and periodic reports, learn to use asset management, marketing, sales, public relations, purchasing and customer care management.

You can benefit from the training and procedures that the franchisor has formalized for best practices and you can see how they can benefit from their use. As an added benefit, you have the opportunity to work with other franchise owners who contribute to the improvement of these good practices.


2. A proven customer base

Successful companies like know who their customers are, where they are, what their buying preferences are and how they are buying cycles. A predictive analysis helps businesses understand the demographic and psychological characteristics of their clients. When an affiliate opens a franchise, a proper search has been conducted on its market area, the company is close to the customers, so they appreciate the interaction with the new owner and his staff. And they come back for more purchases.


3. Complete Marketing & Advertising Program

One of the most difficult aspects for any new business is to define the brand, the mission, the marketing message and the delivery methods.

Think of a successful franchise business. They have tested and perfected the message, developed marketing and supporting advertising material, defined an appropriate selling price. Of course, there is a cost for all this, but it is an investment that shows that the ROI is very strong.


4. Support for the duration of the contractual relationship

You have your business in operation, accounting software, maybe a website and web-based assistance, a CRM for customer management, advertising material at the point of sale and direct access to leadership in a specific sector. The assistance and expertise increase the chances of success and helps to accelerate the ability to grow your business.


5. The focus is on business growth

It may be difficult for many people to understand, but if you follow the proven operating systems of the franchise, you follow the directions on marketing, sales, purchases and customer support systems according to the original model and there is a real possibility of good for success and growth of the business.

Most new non-franchised businesses spend a significant amount of time developing systems that need to refine and prove their effectiveness. During this time the activity grows and usually time passes to form and start a journey. Franchise systems allow owners to work on business growth from the first moment.

Taking these elements into consideration, think about your ability to develop an activity that is increasingly valuable and, if you believe, you could add other elements to this list of considerations.