Talk Is Cheap. Or Is It?

Communication can be free. Especially if you’re an advocate for the old fashioned method of doing it in person. But it isn’t always going to be free. Sometimes, it can actually be quite expensive to have. And when we’re talking about business communication options, the costs can be endless. When when you’re a startup, or a freelancer looking to earn a little something on the side, you can’t always warrant paying out big bucks for the best comms services. Instead, you need to be working with cost-effective methods that offer the same stellar services, but without that heart rate heightening price tag.


Phone Service

Every business needs to have a phone service. Technically, you could choose to forgo this expensive, but it’s definitely something you should have if you want to look professional. So you need to look into the business phone systems that are going to be both cost-effective and suitable for what you need. Whether you get a main line installed, or work with a cheap payment cell plan, shop around now to work out what is best. And be sure to check the contract terms before you sign up, so as not to get stung in the future.


Video Calling

Next, you may want to consider the video calling options that you have. Because not only may you need to have a reliable phone service, you may need to video call too. When you’re a freelancer, or you work remotely, you may need to hold conference calls with your clients or customers. And to do that, you need a service. Thankfully for us frugal folk, there are free options like Skype and FaceTime that you can work with when you first start out, as long as you have the software installed.


Email Service

Next, you’re going to need an email service. This part is essential, and we all know it. But it may not be free. Now, of course, you can go with a free email provider like Gmail or Outlook, but it’s not going to look professional. You should aim to have your own domain if you want your business to look the part. But, you can find relatively cheap business plans available from both providers, as well as a range of others online.


Instant Messenger

To complement your comms package, especially for in-office talk, you might want to use an instant messaging system. You can often find that using instant messaging for business is the quickest way for queries to be answered, and for knowledge to be shared. But again, make sure you look at terms of any package you consider, to ensure that it is really cost effective for your business.


Project Management Service

Finally, you may also want to work with an online project management program to ensure that both communications and productivity is working well. With systems like this, you can often be sure that projects are kept up to date, and that everyone working on them can communicate effectively.


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