The Pros Of Getting A Smart Meter Fixed At Your Business Property

The UK has set an aim to reduce its carbon footprint significantly over the next few decades — so any product or initiative that assists with this is generally encouraged!

The smart meter is believed to be a useful tool for a greener future — and they’re perfect for both commercial and residential properties! Want to know how a smart meter can save you energy and money? Read this guide on business gas and smart meters…


The start of smart meter use in the UK

Why are UK consumers being encouraged to get a smart meter fixed at their properties? Not long ago, the government set electricity and mains gas suppliers the target of making the technology available to every home in England, Scotland and Wales by 2020 — that’s 26 million households in total.

So, what are the main reasons behind choosing a smart meter over older models? Essentially, smart meter use will help to phase out inexact readings in favour of up-to-the-minute digital energy usage recordings. These measurements are then sent directly to energy suppliers and used to generate fully accurate bills, based on actual usage.

A smart meter can help you streamline processes at your company. Run a small business with fewer than ten employees? Then, chances are, you’re entitled to a smart meter too. If in doubt, simply ask your energy supplier or broker.


The main reasons for getting a smart meter installed

Smart meters are popular and encouraged for a reason — or several. Here are the main advantages of installing a smart meter:

  • Integrated smart grid that links different hardware, communications and other technology.
  • Learning the association between habits and energy use to help you adopt smarter money and energy-saving decisions.
  • Power suppliers responding quicker to power cuts due to better connectivity.
  • Removal of irritating manual meter readings.
  • Eradication of projected bills.
  • More competitive tariffs, as providers get more knowledgeable of their customers’ energy use.


Smart meter installation: what to expect

Here’s a rundown of a smart meter installation day:

  1. Picking a time

Your energy supplier will call to arrange an installation day and time to suit you and your workforce.

  1. Allowing access

Let your specially trained installer in when they arrive to put in your smart meter.

  1. Launch and learn

All sorted? Now, learn how your smart meter works and ask questions.


Surveys on smart meters and their credibility

If you still aren’t convinced, just take a read of some of the things that customers have been saying about smart meters. The Smart Meter Customer Experience Study carried out in August 2017 by the government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy revealed that 80% of those surveyed were satisfied with the technology itself, while 89% were pleased with the installation visit.


What are you waiting for? Improve your business with a smart meter today.


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