Things to Know about Dehumidification

Dehumidification refers to the process of removal of moisture from gas or rather air. In the industrial sector, dehumidifiers are used to help in reduction of dew point and humidity in various plants that range from water treatment industries to food processing plants. Control of the moisture in various plants is very essential.

Dehumidification maybe of any of the following types:

  • Adsorption Based Desiccants that exploits an adsorbent material reducing the amount of moisture within the air without altering composition of material
  • Compression where temperature at which water condenses is raised through compressing it.
  • Absorption based desiccants
  • Mechanical based dehumidifiers that use vapor or chilled water compression system

Industrial dehumidification

Companies like Dessica specializes in technology for dry air as well as applications for dehumidification. Over time, Dessica has developed innovative solutions on matters of dry air necessities in the manufacturing process.

The technology can be applied successfully in the following industries.

Food processing

Plants in this sector are concerned with controlling the level of humidity in their workshops. Systems from Dessica ensure that the air in the plant is sterile, cold and dry generating benefits and giving you a conducive working environment.

Pastries and bakery industries

In the bakery segment, this technolofy ensures that the air is dry in the various phases of a product, right from production, through to processing and finally to storage. Challenges of sticky products on conveyors and production lines is dealt with.

Chemical industry

There is always the element of controlling contaminants that are airborne in a chemical plant that sometimes poses a challenge. These systems maintain a dry room with well controlled temperatures, dust and humidity.

Preservation ad storage of seeds

Industrial dehumidification allows you to achieve the right air condition required for preserving and storing your seeds.

Processes of spray drying

Attaining stable and constant conditions of humidity in upstream air poses a challenge in industries using spray drying tower. These systems will assist you attain absolute humidity.

Pharmaceutical industry

These systems provide you with dry air in manufacturing and the packaging process of all products in a pharmaceutical plant.