Tips on Making Your Store Stand Out

Even in the age of the Internet, brick-and-mortar stores still thrive. The key is to make your business stand out to visitors. An interesting and memorable store boosts walk-ins and generates word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers. Here are some ways to catch shoppers’ attention.

Eye-Grabbing Storefront

Getting footfall in your store starts with getting shoppers to notice you. A distinctive and informative storefront makes for good advertising in itself. Some ways to accomplish this:

  • A clear visual style that expresses your brand, including custom signage from steel fabricators Salem OR
  • Window displays showcasing new and popular items
  • Signs indicating current sales and events or new products in stock
  • Seasonal accents to keep your storefront fresh

Create an Online Presence

Physical stores still benefit from putting themselves out there online. A new store can use online marketing to get attention, while an established store can keep customers informed on sales events. You can also make use of local listings, or use Google’s “My Business” to create a profile that users will find in searches or on Maps.

Do More Than Sell

People don’t go shopping on Main Street just to buy things—they can do that online. A brick-and-mortar store can deliver experiences. Offer services related to your products—jewelry cleaning and repairs, gift wrapping, customization, etc. Interact with your customers and encourage employees to do the same. Host events or info sessions relevant to your target audience. Shopping offline is a social activity for many customers, so try to engage them on that front.

Appeal to Existing Customers

Increasing footfall in your store isn’t limited to attracting new customers. Often, return customers are what drive your business. One way to engage them is with rewards programs. Loyalty punch cards both remind buyers of your business and give them the incentive to continue shopping there. You can also offer discounts through a mailing list or send outreach messages reminding them to repurchase consumable goods.

Creating a strong impression with customers is a good way to attract, and keep their business.