Top Ways to Keep Your House Germ-Free and Safe

When you envision your dream home, you imagine it being warm, comfortable, beautiful, and sturdy. However, as you look for your new house or enjoy your current one, you don’t think enough about making your house healthy. Follow these tips to ensure that your house is safe for you and your family members.


Take Care of Sewage Properly

You can’t help producing raw sewage, but you do need to dispose of it properly. Call a plumber immediately when you can’t unclog your toilet, and report leaks and unusual odors to your sewage company. For homeowners in rural areas, consider paying for a drain field installation Manassas VA to keep your groundwater clean.


Disinfect Surfaces Regularly

You’d be surprised at how many germs live on frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, TV remotes, and phones. At least once a week, disinfect these surfaces with wipes or soap and water. Additionally, your bathroom is the perfect place for germs to spread, so clean it several times a week. Wipe down the sink, toilet, and bathtub, and don’t forget to clean the floor as well. Use a strong disinfectant, but make sure to check the chemical ingredients if you switch brands so you don’t accidentally mix bleach and ammonia.


Store Food Correctly

Whether you cook for yourself or rely on takeout, it’s critical that you store your food correctly. Put all perishable items into the refrigerator as soon as possible, especially meat, eggs, and milk. When you make dinner, store all the leftovers promptly so they don’t spoil. Never keep food past its expiration date or for more than a week after you bought or made it.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure people stay healthy at your house. If you follow these tips, you reduce your chances of accidents and hospital visits.