Virtual Office and the Value they Create for Businesses Around the Globe

The world is a smaller place than ever and the number of opportunities available to businesses is increasing all the time. With advancements in technology, there are so many more possibilities than just a few years ago, there is more information available to business owners and more ways to communicate with clients and staff positioned around the globe. Savvy business owners are taking advantage of these trends and building successful global empires without ever renting a physical office space.

Virtual offices and remote workers have allowed this advancement in business to happen. Although the idea of ‘going virtual’ is relatively new to many in the business world, it has been around for a few years. In recent times, the concept has become more prominent as improvements in technology have made managing a virtual business more achievable. It might surprise you to learn that many successful businesses are run almost entirely remotely, in the virtual realm and your business can also take advantage of this growing trend.

Continue reading below to learn more about virtual offices and how they create value for businesses around the world.


What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is an office solution which provides a business with a physical address but not a physical office. For example, Servcorp virtual offices are located in prestigious business locations around the world, offering business owners a physical address for their business in a sought after location without the sky-high rents and long-term leasing options usually associated with these office buildings.


Instant Credibility

With an office address at one of these premium locations, a business will immediately be able to portray a professional image to both the local and international business community. This credibility allows the opportunity to grow the business quickly as clients, suppliers and investors will trust the company name due to its location in a building alongside other successful and established companies.


Reliable Support Staff

Premium providers also offer professional support staff included in the package to bolster your company image further. A dedicated receptionist will be onsite to answer the dedicated local phone number that will be associated with your business. You can instruct the receptionist how calls should be answered and then they and take a message or forward the calls to you depending on your requirements.


Flexible Leasing Options

Nowadays, with the business environment becoming increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing it’s more important than ever to remain flexible both in terms of your operations and your budget. A virtual office lease is usually on a month-to-month basis and includes the cost of your dedicated receptionist as well as a mail management service to ensure anything that’s posted to your business address will be available to you.


Additional Facilities

When the need arises to meet with clients or investors face-to-face, you can access boardrooms and meeting rooms at any number of locations around the world. These are charged on a pay-as-you-need basis, allowing you to stay in control of your budget. Fitted out to a five-star standard, these facilities are a great way to impress your clients and put forth a professional image of your company.


How Virtual Offices Add Value for Businesses Around the Globe

With a virtual office solution, business owners can find themselves operating from prestigious locations in major business hubs around the world. However, they don’t need to commit to long-term leases are pay the extortionate fees normally associated with having office space in one of these locations. Instead, flexible leasing options allow you to pay a flat rate on a monthly bases so you can stay in control of your outgoings and invest your capital into the areas of your business where it will be most advantageous.

Having access to state-of-the-art boardroom and meeting facilities allows businesses to put their best foot forward and make a lasting impression on clients. And having professional support staff to answer the phone and greet clients when you do meet with them face-to-face, only further enhances this professional image.


With a virtual office, you can add instant credibility to your business while adding value in more ways than one and bring new opportunities to your company in the process.


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