Water Effects

Art has been in existence since time memorial, and one of the seven wonders of the world was considered to be the hanging gardens of Babylon. The scenic beauty of these gardens was poetically narrated for thousands of years and artists could only envision its magnificence while trying to recreate the best water effect that nourished the tiered vines, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Today, water effects are still integral to exuding beauty in well-defined architectural spaces. Over the years, engineers have come up with innovative ways to create fascinating sceneries this way, such as aqua vision, water screen, aqua graphic curtains, as well as water labyrinths, water tunnels, water fogs, and even geysers.

During nighttime shows, a water screen can create a magical effect of a projection on water. High pressure is applied and the water levitates in the air, disappearing and appearing, thereby creating a surreal image that can be a mysterious character. For a much higher resolution of the same, the aqua vision water curtain is recommended. It incorporates a unique nozzle that thrusts water in such a unique way that creates a magical field depth using the water’s transparent surface to alter visibility, albeit spectacularly. Even more fascinating is the sculpting on water using the aqua graphic water curtain effect. It is the most unique of them all, even having a patent issued as a result of the nozzles used for the show. The water curtain has a different texture which captures the light at a maximum, then projects crisp images even in broad daylight.

This curtain is as a result of not just one valve, but hundreds of solenoid valves, which are controlled to ensure that the water surface disappears promptly. In this water projection, a viewer can see real water objects in the volume that can also transform into other materials, thus altering the perception of the viewer. New textures and water movements are being developed that are set to bring even more powerful and breathtaking lighting effects.