6 Awesome Ways of Making Money Online With Zero Investment

Making money online and building an online business has never been easier than it is today.

Most people who have burnt their fingers owing to various scams and get-rich-quick schemes would find it difficult to take that fact down their throat.

But I can assure you that you can earn a decent amount of money (and if you are lucky, huge amounts of it) if you take intelligent decisions.

One of my favorite topics to write upon is “Make money online”, because people WANT to know more about it. I have friends who are hugely successful internet marketers and bloggers, friends who have been earning cool amounts from the corner of their living room with their computer selling affiliate products and creative geniuses who are into logo and web designing.

The problem with most online money making schemes, as is the case with all offline ventures too, is that they require you to begin with a certain amount of initial investment.

Even if you are thinking of starting a blog, you would need money to buy a domain and hosting, a good premium theme and a logo.

This is where most new starters and wannabes falter. Most of them do not have the money to start a new project.

Students who want to start experimenting while pursuing their academic careers also find it extremely awkward to approach parents for more money.

How then, can a person start earning online with a ZERO investment?


1. Website Development and Logo Designing

If you are high on creativity and bubbling with new ideas, you can earn a decent amount of money every month helping people design their websites and blogs and creating logos.

I know a young designer who is extremely popular among bloggers for logo designing, and this hard working young guy is still pursuing his studies. Dedicated people like this young guy can make lots of money online without any initial investment if your creative juices are flowing.

A creative person who loves to play with fonts and simple patterns could earn hundreds of dollars every month playing with various fonts (cursive fonts, graffiti fonts and gothic fonts) by designing cool business cards, customized stationery, car bumper stickers, etc.

You could use your WordPress skills to help people set up new blogs and charge them for the same too!

I have seen SEO experts earn huge amounts offering link building services & commenting services to webmasters.


2. Freelance Writing

Getting started is not too easy but once you overcome the initial hitches, you could be laughing all your way to the bank every month.

You could ask for help from friends who are into writing gigs to get started at any of the various freelancing sites.


3. Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products is another popular means of earning these days.

And the best thing about these sales is that you get a commission of up to 70% for certain sales.

So if you can learn to do it the right way, you could be raking thousands of dollars every month before you even realize it.

Some of the most popular sites where you can pick up and choose products for affiliate sales are Clickbank, Amazon and CommissionJunction, Paydotcom and E-junkie.

You do not necessarily have to own a blog or a website to sell such products, though having one would definitely work to your advantage.

You can even put up links to your affiliate products on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. So, if you have a strong social presence and a good network of people, you could get started right away with a ZERO investment!


4. Answer Questions

There are some cool websites like JustAnswer which pay you for answering readers’ questions.

You could use up the internet sources to look up for the right information and if you can satisfy the person putting up his query, you could earn 25-50% of the amount he is willing to pay for getting a reply.

One has to start with 25% and gradually move on to the 50% commission mark by gaining experience and knowledge.

As soon as you have $20 in your account, you get paid via PayPal.

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5. Other Online Gigs

If you don’t have a dime in your pocket but cannot wait to get started, you could try some extremely popular sites like Zazzle and CafePress to design t-shirts and selling them online.

These websites have user friendly interface, allowing budding designers to create t-shirts with logos, slogans and pictures using their drag and drop features.

If you think you could sell such stuff to friends and relatives, this is yet another way to get started.


6. Online Tutorials

This is yet another method of earning money online.

If you had a good academic record or think you would make a good teacher, you could sign up for the various sites which provide online tutorials and get paid for your services.



Earning money online with no investment is not a distant dream today. Just wake up to your potential study your weaknesses and strengths and choose the right steam.

The past could well be behind you soon!

These are just 6 ways of making money online with zero investment. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you are likely to come across many more such opportunities.

If you know of any cool sites which allow ambitious people to start without a dime in their pocket, do share them here with us for the benefit of all readers.


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