When You Need A Loan Fast

Loans are one of life’s little Godsends. They are also incredibly difficult to qualify for some people. Thankfully there are a multiple of loan types out there that are perfect for all different credit ratings and income variations. Knowing which loans you qualify for can be a lot easier when you use online calculators to do your work for you. They will automatically take your loan amount, desired interest rate, loan length, income, and credit rating into account and then show you which types of loans you might qualify for.


Bad credit loans

If you’ve got bad credit, you can still get certain types of loans. They will have a much higher interest rate than good credit loans, but you can still get the fast cash you need. Calculators tell you which pre-approved loans are within your credit range and then direct you to the forms for those loans. It’s extremely convenient. Bad credit loan types include payday loans, auto title loans, and some auto loan lenders. Auto loans are among those many types of loans that are often open even to bad credit borrowers. While you will still need to fall within a certain very low range of credit, if you’re in that range you might qualify for an auto loan. Remember that it can only be used to finance a car, though, nothing else. With a payday loan or auto title loan, you get cash in your hand and can then spend it on whatever you see fit, not just a car.


Good credit loan

Most people don’t have an excellent credit rating OR a particularly bad credit rating. They fall somewhere in between. Fair to good credit loans are much easier to qualify for because you’ve shown through your credit history that you can repay loans in a fairly timely manner. You might have a blotch or two on your record but for the most part you’re able to pay everything back on time, and lenders love to see that. You can get all types of loans in this manner, from traditional bank loans with lower interest rates, to auto loans that are going to give you competitive interest rates.

No matter what credit rating range you’re stuck in, there’s a perfect auto loan out there just for you. Use a loan calculator today to find out which ones you’re approved for.