Why Law Firms Need A Virtual Receptionist

If your law firm isn’t utilizing the power of a virtual receptionist, they could be seriously missing out. There are plenty of benefits to going virtual with things such as handling calls, administration and other tedious, important tasks.

When you invest in a quality virtual reception such as ReceptionHQ, you are gaining access to a powerful money-saving asset. They become an essential part of the company whilst helping the firm to run day-to-day business more smoothly.

If you haven’t seriously considered hiring a virtual assistant in any way or form, this article will provide some fantastic reasons to do so. Take action today and start to discover the possibilities for your law firm with a virtual receptionist.


How A Virtual Receptionist Can Take Your Firm To The Next Level


Tackling overflow

If you are a small or independent firm, you may be struggling with high call volumes or missing important calls due to office hours. Whatever the issue may be, a virtual receptionist can solve all these issues by being on call 24/7 if required.

You don’t want potential clients going to voicemail as they will probably find another lawyer to deal with their issue. Instead, they get through to someone who can arrange appointments, answer questions and provide essential information about the firm.


They save you money

Instead of hiring more in-house staff and increasing costs, you can be saving money on a virtual receptionist. You don’t have many overheads and can keep costs down whilst still being proactive. Hiring a full-time receptionist can be pricey and lawyers focused on profits can benefit from a remote worker.

The law firm will have a fundamental baseline so someone is always on the other line. You save money and get more hours covered during the day so it’s a win-win.


They allow you to maximise your practice

Someone on a virtual system can give callers essential information whilst on a cloud-based system. The technology used is normally advanced enough to supply detailed data on the law firm’s call history. This way you can track billables such as time spent talking to clients.


Give small firms the illusion of size

Having virtual receptionists on board help to give the illusion of a bigger more high-end firm. Instead of clients always getting bounced to voicemail or being unable to get through, they will always reach someone. This means higher standards can be maintained on a consistent basis and peak hours will not disturb this.


Whether there is a bank holiday or it is midnight, you can opt for a fuller call answering service. This increases customer satisfaction by making communication much easier.

As you can see there are several benefits to acquiring a virtual receptionist for your law firm. They are undoubtedly a great asset for any team and can take a practice to the next level.


Featured Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash