Why Small Businesses Need An Injury Lawyer

Covering All The Bases

The problems of business are essentially endless, and continue to accrue as operations expand. If you’re running a one-man IT operation with a small number of clients, you won’t have to worry about additional employees until your workload overreaches your means. As a result you won’t have to deal with payroll, benefits, or many other aspects of hiring.

But as you expand outward, there are going to be increased needs for varying services. Different states have different law as regards the intricacies of labor. There are tax requirements which change as businesses expand. There are additional operational legalities which must be adhered to. Certain activities will require licenses that others don’t.

Above and beyond all these things is the protection of your operation. Even the most tightly-organized, professionally-run business is going to encounter situations where accidents take place. Sometimes your organization will be responsible for the accident, sometimes your organization will be the recipient of damages resulting from someone else’s negligence.

Regardless of which side of the injury/negligence fence you happen to be on when litigation becomes necessary, you need some kind of legal representation to ensure your day in court doesn’t fundamentally and permanently change regular aspects of life. Just look at this list of common legal questions a small business will face – can you answer them all?


A Possible Scenario

According to Attyjoe.com, the website of a prominent San Diego injury lawyer, “If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to be fully compensated for your medical care, loss of income, property damage, and any other losses you suffer as a result.”

Now imagine you’re operating in capacity as an IT provider for a client who has thrown caution to the wind and configured their servers “holistically”, to describe the situation humorously. They didn’t know what they were doing, and so plugged things in any way which way they pleased when installing the system. They never consulted the manual or anything.

As a result, normal means of checking the system resulted in some form of electrocution. Now say you’re that lone individual who works with a handful of clients. You get electrocuted due to one client’s poor installation of services—who can you turn to? Does your one-man business operation have protections against such a thing? Probably not.



If you’ve got an injury attorney on file, you or a loved one can notify that individual and obtain damages. Additionally, you can have such attorneys draft documentation prior service which puts the culpability for such negligence on the part of the client—should you work in a realm where negligence of this kind is a recurrent issue.

The nature of accidents is silhouetted in unpredictability. There’s no way to tell when an accident is going to take place; that’s their nature. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or how fastidious you are about arranging damage control beforehand, accidents are still going to happen. If you don’t have an injury lawyer you can defer to, you may not be compensated.

If you’re a single individual operating a business and something like this knocks you out of operation, it could like a negative cascade of dominoes knock out all your other clients. All you need is to be fundamentally injured for a month without any backup IT personnel. Your clients will need services regardless of your injury, and so will be forced to find new IT solutions.
If you haven’t looked into a personal injury attorney as a small business, you could be leaving yourself wide open.


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