WordPress Hosting – MilesWeb or Godaddy? A Detailed Review

There are many instances when you have a website and are not sure what kind of hosting would best suit you. In such a situation, you either consult some expert on the internet or your techie friend to take their suggestions on the same. And all they say is WordPress plan is the best that would suit you. But nowhere on earth are you sure as to what it is all about. So, here I am going to unfold a few myths for you that would clear all your ‘fundas’ about WordPress hosting. WordPress is not as difficult as you think. Let me provide you some insight on WordPress Hosting.



With the popularity of WordPress, many web hosting vendors have preferred to specialize in this and provide Managed WordPress hosting. In Managed WordPress hosting, all the technical aspects of the WordPress is managed by the host which is inclusive of speed, ensuring uptime, scalability, security and daily backups.

The concept of Managed WordPress hosting is basically aimed at providing a hassle free experience to the customers, which allows them to focus more on the business and grow. The best part is the top rated support that comes in as soon as you sign up for the hosting package. You can be assured that the support is provided by top class experienced professionals. With, managed WordPress hosting you have an army of experts in WordPress by your side to assist you at all times.

We are going to compare the features and plans of two top rated Web hosting firms, GoDaddy, a premium web hosting company and Milesweb, which has come a long way since it was established in 2012 and is today standing at par with GoDaddy. Before comparing the top rated agencies, let us first see in brief about both these web hosting providers.



Having its headquarters in Nashik, Maharashtra MilesWeb is undoubtedly one company that has emerged as a big name in terms of web hosting in India. Started in the year 2012, it is a strong competition for many big brands in today’s date. With a motive to provide fast, simple, reliable and affordable solutions to its clients MilesWeb aims at supporting the ever growing online business and meeting the expectations of business users at affordable prices. At MilesWeb, you have the latest technology, almost 100 % uptime and 24*7 customer support. The top rated web hosting organization offers domain name registration services, fully managed web hosting services and email solutions to individuals and businesses. cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud, VPS, SSL , Domain and backup solution are the areas in which MilesWeb has expertise in.



Headquartered in Scottsdale Ariz, USA and established in 1997 GoDaddy is definitely one of the most trusted brands when it comes to website hosting. In India, GoDaddy started its operation in 2012 with the motive to make it easier for small and medium enterprises to have a secure online presence at an affordable rate. Having datacenters widely spread all round the globe, it has many datacenters spread uniformly across many cities of India.



Let us now see, analyze and compare the various WordPress Hosting features offered by both these top rated Web hosting providers :

Latest WordPress Themes and Plugins :

MilesWeb offers you Latest WordPress with Pre Installed Plugins and thousands of professional themes to choose from. For proper functionality and security, all the essential WP plugins are plugged. You are at the liberty to add or remove any plugin from your site. On the other hand, when we see GoDaddy, you have access to many free themes and plugins from which you can select the best possible theme for your website. Comparing both the companies, MilesWeb installs the latest and stable WordPress version to protect your website from security risks.

Account Isolation :

With MilesWeb, you are assured that your website is completely isolated from other users hosted on the same server, whereas GoDaddy nowhere mentions any point regarding the same on its website. 

Uptime :

Both the mega web hosting firms promise of providing almost 100 % uptime (99.9 %) which is the most important factor that is seen when someone looks for a good web host as they would want their website to be live at all times and reach the maximum audiences.

Daily Backup :

Both GoDaddy and MilesWeb provide you daily backup and storage, so that in case anything goes wrong they can quickly restore all the information and go live ASAP.

Malware Scan :

MilesWeb provides this feature wherein the servers are pro-actively scanned; malware and known vulnerabilities are blocked and none of such functionality comes with the basic packages of GoDaddy. It is only provided for the higher packages unlike MilesWeb.

Best Hardware :

With MilesWeb, you can be rest assured of Branded servers where hardware RAID and SSD drives are used to power your WordPress website.

Managed WordPress :

Both the web hosting companies allow you to focus on content and growing your business further and target more website visitors. Rest would be handled by the hosting partner. They would act as premium WordPress hosting platform.

24*7 Customer Support :

One of the most important factor that one looks into before hiring a host is Customer Support. Both companies offer you 24*7 Customer support. MilesWeb offers you support via phone, email and chat whichever is flexible to you. Also the experts have a very technical and professional approach in handling the customers. You don’t have to worry about any technical aspect if you wish to start a blog or any website. They provide you comprehensive support at all times.

Free WordPress Migration :

Both the web hosting companies offer you free help to move your website from the current web hosting provider. No additional charge is incurred to you for this.

Anytime Money back Guarantee :

MilesWeb provides you 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with MilesWeb you can cancel and take your money back. If you cancel after 30 days, they will provide refund for the un-used duration. For eg; if you have paid for a year and you cancel the service after 3 months then you still get refund for the unused period i.e. 9 months.

We can see from the above comparison that most of the features offered by both the companies are same and MilesWeb certainly has some extra points in their kitty that they are willing to offer to make the customer experience better. Let us now look into the commercial aspect that is the comparison of pricing of the various packages that would put you in a better position to decide as to which company would be ideal for you. Let’s us look at the packages individually and then discuss;



WP Classic – Rs 399 /mo

Host 1 Domain

WP Enterprise – Rs 599 /mo

Host 2 Domains

WP Infinite – Rs 799 /mo

Host 5 Domain

15 GB SSD Space 50 GB SSD Space 75 GB SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Dedicated IP Free Dedicated IP Free Dedicated IP
2 Core CPU 4 Core CPU 6 Core CPU
SSH / SFTP Access SSH / SFTP Access SSH / SFTP Access
One – click staging site One – click staging site One – click staging site
Malware Scan and Removal Malware Scan and Removal Malware Scan and Removal
Webuzo Webuzo Webuzo
Automated Daily Backup Automated Daily Backup Automated Daily Backup




Basic – Rs 449/mo

Deluxe – Rs 599/mo Ultimate – Rs 999/mo  

Developer – Rs 1599/mo

1 Website 1 Website 2 Website 5 Website
10 GB SSD Space 15 GB SSD Space 30 GB SSD Space 50 GB SSD Space
25,000 Monthly Visitors 1,00,000 Monthly Visitors 4,00,000 Monthly Visitors 8,00,000 Monthly Visitors
SFTP Access SSH / SFTP Access SSH / SFTP Access SSH / SFTP Access
Free Domain with Annual Plan Free Domain with Annual Plan Free Domain with Annual Plan Free Domain with Annual Plan
Search engine optimization plugin Search engine optimization plugin for 2 sites One-Click Staging site
One-Click Staging site 1 SSL certificate – 1 year free (₨ 4,399.00 renewal annually)


1 SSL certificate – 1 year free (₨ 4,399.00 renewal annually)
Malware scan and removal for 2 sites


From the above two rate charts, we can see the prices as well as the services offered in a tabular manner, which makes it easier for you to compare between the two web hosting firms.



On closely noticing the rate charts, we find that the services rendered by the both the companies are more or less the same but MilesWeb goes an extra mile in ensuring that the customer gets value for their money. Also, you can see that the top package offered by both the companies is the same but when it comes to pricing, MilesWeb offers it at almost half the price than GoDaddy.

Agreed, that GoDaddy has been in business since a very long time and is a pioneer company, but MilesWeb has come a long way since it was established and has off late become a strong competition and has made its way to the top notch web hosting companies in India. Anytime money back guarantee offered by MilesWeb also makes it a no risk affair and customers get true value for the money they invest. The technical team is also very supportive and available at all times. All these features allow me to cast my vote in favor of MilesWeb when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Give them a chance and they would deliver !


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